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Estate Legacy Program

Are you concerned how you will keep your estate planning documents are up-to-date? Are you unsure how often you should review your documents? If so, you are not alone.Many of our clients share these same concerns. A large number of the questions I hear at seminars and client conferences concern the review and updating of estate planning documents. That is why I have created the Estate Legacy Program, a special service to ensure that your estate planning documents are always up-to-date.

I have always believed that a successful and effective estate plan does not end when you sign the documents, but continues as a lifetime process. You should have a systematic and reliable program to review your estate planning documents.

Many things can happen that cause your estate plan to become ineffective

  1. The circumstances of your life and family could change.
  2. The laws affecting your estate plan are constantly changing.
  3. You acquire new assets that need to be properly titled in the name of your trust.

A change in the estate tax laws without a corresponding change in your revocable trust could cost your heirs tens of thousands of dollars. As of today, you can pass up to two million dollars to persons other than your spouse free of any estate tax. Next year that limit will be three and a half million dollars. In 2010, the estate tax will be abolished and the amounts you can pass estate tax free will be unlimited. In 2011, the estate tax comes back with a one million dollar limit. And these confusing situations happen only if Congress doesn’t change the law in the meantime.

A few years ago, Congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Account-ability Act (“HIPAA”). One of the consequences of this law was that persons named as health care surrogates and trustees no longer had authority to obtain information about the client’s medical condition and finances. They could still make decisions, only now they had no right to obtain the information they would need to make an informed decision.

You can see from these examples how a change in the law can totally disrupt your estate plan. Now, consider how everyday transactions can affect it.

You may invest in a new mutual fund or purchase real estate in the future. If you do not properly title the assets in the name of your trust, it will be subject to probate, costing your heirs thousands of dollars and many months, even years, of aggravation.

You can avoid these situations and their expensive consequences with a timely review and revision of your estate planning documents.

Our firm’s Estate Legacy Program gives you a comprehensive way to review and revise your documents at a reasonable cost.

When you enroll in the Estate Legacy Program, you become part of an ongoing service that will keep your estate plan relevant and up-to-date.

THE THREE-YEAR CYCLE. In my experience, I have found that most clients amend their estate planning documents an average of every three years. That is why I have designed the Estate Legacy Program to work on a three-year cycle.

BENEFITS. As a member of the Estate Legacy Program, you receive:

  • Unlimited Amendments to your Estate Planning Documents. If you wish to change a trustee, a beneficiary or a health care surrogate, you can amend your document at no additional fee. (Amendments which address estate tax or generation skipping tax provisions are not included and will require additional fees).
  • Funding Advice. We will advise and assist you in titling assets into your trust at no additional fee
  • Comprehensive Estate Plan Review. I will meet with you during the third year of the cycle at your request to review all of your estate planning documents to make sure they meet your needs and comply with any changes in the law. There is no additional fee for this service.
  • Subscription to our Newsletter. At least quarterly, you will receive an e-mail link to our estate planning newsletter. You will receive practical advice and information on current topics affecting your estate plan.
  • Discounted Fees. If your Estate Legacy Program account is in good standing, you will be eligible to receive a 10% reduction in fees for:
    • Real Estate Law Services. If you retain our firm to assist you on residential real estate closings or refinancing, you will receive a 10% discount off our standard fees.
    • Business Entity Formation. If you wish to set up a corporation or LLC, you will receive a 10% discount off our package price.

How can this program save you money? Without the Estate Legacy Program, the average fee to amend estate planning documents is $300 to $400, and my hourly rate for an office consultation is $300. How many times will the laws change and disrupt your estate plan in the next 3 years? Will you acquire any new properties or open any new accounts in the next 3 years?

The fee to participate in the Estate Legacy Program is a flat fee for each three-year cycle. The fee for the three-year cycle beginning in January, 2008 is $585.00, payable in full, upon joining the Program. Your membership will renew automatically at the end of each three-year cycle. You can receive all of the benefits listed above for an annual fee that is less than the cost of a one-hour consultation. The fee for subsequent cycles beginning in March, 2008 is subject to change; however if you enroll now the $585.00 fee is guaranteed.

No matter how many times you amend your estate planning documents, it will be covered by the membership fee. The discounted fees on real estate closings alone could be well worth the cost of the program.

So that we may provide the outstanding service this program requires, we are limiting this offer to the first 100 clients who subscribe.

If you appreciate the value of this unique offer, I invite you to e-mail me a or call my office at (941) 473-2828 and join those who will never again have to worry about their estate plan becoming obsolete. I look forward to our continued relationship.

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